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BCMZ’s continued investment in the latest machinery and technology enables us to manufacture a range of parts and components to high levels of accuracy, intricacy and quality, from a wide spectrum of raw materials.

An array of material treatments and surface finishes are also provided through our trusted network of vetted suppliers. Our extensive range of processes can take customer requirements from design through to completed parts or assemblies delivered to your production line.





BCMZ have manufactured complete products and sub-assemblies for several clients. These have included Shaft Assemblies, Rugged Electrical Connectors, Air Fittings and Pressure Vessels.

Jigs and Fixtures

The flexibility and complexity of machining technology available at BCMZ has enabled us to provide a range of specialised jigs and fixtures for a variety of manufacturing and testing applications.

These have included Medical Device Setting Apparatus, Pick-and-Place Fixtures, Optical Axis Alignment Devices and General Jigs for Component Location.

We understand the need to provide competitive solutions whatever the quantity.

BCMZ’s aim is to take the burden away from you, our customer.


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